An Illustrator and Designer based in New York City.

She was born and raised in Turkey, currently lives in New York City. After working many years in the design field, She decided to be a full-time illustrator. She always dreamed of leaving her design job and working full-time as an illustrator so here she is :)

She specializes in commercial and editorial illustrations.
 She likes creating tiny people in a big environment, by creating visual metaphors in her works. She is always trying to infuse a message in her art that's clear and enjoyable.

She has worked with Digital Agencies, Startups, Newspapers, Magazines, NGOs as an Illustrator and Designer in the past.


Airbnb / Maroon 5 / Puma / PlanSponsor / Bauer / Catalyst Pet / Kjaer Weis / The American Hospital / ING Bank / Vapor / Broadway Plus / 

Thank you for dropping by and let's keep in touch!